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The Meccano Society of Scotland

The Meccano system was invented by Frank Hornby in 1901 and first appeared on sale as a constructional toy called "Mechanics Made Easy". This was renamed Meccano in 1907.

The Meccano Society of Scotland was formed in 1984 by a group of like minded enthusiasts interested in Meccano. We cater for a variety of interests. Some of our members are builders and others are collectors, but all are interested in Meccano.

Meccano Society of Scotland

We normally have around five club meetings a year, usually held in Stirling, plus an all day meeting at Menstrie in May together with an annual exhibition. See our Meetings page for more details.

Membership of the Society is open to any person interested in Meccano and new members are always welcome. If you wish to join us please contact the Treasurer.

Many our members exhibit their Meccano models at a variety of Exhibitions etc. thoughout the year. Photos from many of these exhibitions can be seen on our photograph pages. Virtually all of these now include an optional high resolution version of the photo that can be viewed/downloaded if you want to see the detail in the photo more clearly.

We publish a club Newsletter about three times a year.
Back issues of the Newsletter are now available for download. Alternately they can be viewed online, with no need to download them first. Issues up to the current issue (December 2019) are now available - See the Newsletter page

Menstrie Competition

The Menstrie Challenge for May 2024 is to build a machine from standard and/or compatible Meccano parts that is able to transport a can of Heinz Baked Beans across the Menstrie Scout Hall floor in the shortest possible time over a distance of 25 feet. There are 2 Classes For more details and the rules see here.


The site now has a Guestbook for visitors comments and suggestions

The website contains photographs from our various exhibitions and meetings.

See the bottom of the page for recent additions/improvements to the website

Meccano Society of Scotland

There is now a page with links to various Meccano clubs, Dealers and other sites of interest.

The website also contains photographs of models by club members - The latest of these shows various models by Brendan Harris and Keith Remnant.

Comprehensive Meccano Magazine Index

One of our members - Timothy Edwards has produced an on-line comprehensive index to all articles and pictures in the Meccano Magazine. It has full search facilities. Click here for details.

"Meccano Manuals"

Timothy Edwards has also produced comprehensive information and downloads of most Meccano manuals from 1901 to the present. Click here for details.

Meccano Set Part Lists

Timothy Edwards' website also has Set Parts Lists for most Meccano sets from 1901 to the present, plus old style Plastic Meccano Sets. Now includes photos of most parts from 1970 to the present day. Click here for details

Meccano Ltd. Engineering Drawings

Timothy Edwards' website also has scans of Meccano Ltd. engineering drawings covering almost all post-war Meccano Parts. There are scans of 373 Binns Road drawings, many French factory drawings, plus all of Niels Gottlob's Drawings. These are fascinating and give an insight into the development of Meccano parts. Click here for details.

Meccano Ltd. Patents and Registered Designs

Timothy Edwards' website also lists all those patents and designs registered by Meccano Ltd. throughout the world which I have so far managed to discover. This covers all products of Meccano Ltd. Where available, copies of the original patents/designs can be downloaded. Click here for details.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions for content of this site, please contact the Webmaster (Timothy Edwards).

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7th May 2024
     The date of the NEMS Darlington exhibition is now confirmed.

7th March 2024
     Photos from the special mini exhibition held in Stirling in February have been added.

21st December 2023
     Our Meetings / Exhibitions page has been updated for 2024.

23th November 2023
     Photos of models by Alastair Innes have now been added to his photo galleries in the Members Section.

17th November 2023
     Photos from the 2023 Elgin Modelfair held November have been added.

30th September 2022
     Photos from the 2023 Strathpeffer Science Fair have been added.

1st September 2023
     Photos from the following 2023 exhibitions added - Inverurie, Fort William, Menstrie, Skegness, Summerlee. Also a video from Summerlee. A report about both this year's and last year's Menstrie challenges were also added.

1st April 2023
     Details of the 2023 Menstrie Challenge added.

20th November 2022
     Photos from the 2022 Elgin Modelfair held November have been added.

22nd September 2022
     Photos from our 2022 Annual Exhibition held at Summerlee in September have been added. Also the Trophy Winners page has been updated.

24th August 2022
     A video from our 1998 exhibition in the Caird Hall, Dundee has been added to the 'Videos' page. With thanks to Douglas Cooper.

7th August 2022
     Photos of the 2022 Skegness and Summerlee exhibitions have been added

20th February 2022
     More model photos added to Ken McDonald's model page.

16th January 2022
     1. Photos and a video of the 2021 Elgin exhibition have been added
     2. Videos of the following Exhibitions have been added - Skegness 2017, Skegness 2018, Skegness 2019.

9th January 2022
     1. Videos of the following Exhibitions/Meetings have been added - Menstrie 2002, Scone 2016, Menstrie 2017, Dundee 2017, Scone 2017, Scone 2018, Menstrie 2019, Scone 2019, Greenock 2019.
     2. A 'Videos' page where all the videos are collected together has been added. (They are still also on the appropriate exhibition pages)

8th January 2022
     The Meetings page has been updated with the 2022 meeting and exhibition dates.

5th January 2022
     Videos of the following Exhibitions/Meetings have been added - 2003, 2004 and 2005 Annual Shows, Menstrie 2006, Greenock 2011. The videos of the 1996 and 2002 Annual Shows have been replaced with longer and improved videos

4th October 2021

  1. Photos of our September 2021 Menstrie meeting added.
  2. The list of Trophy Winners updated.
  3. A miniature icon has now been placed in the browser address bar adjacent to our website address (like many other websites).

6th June 2021
     Our member Alastair Innes now has his own page and a video of his Rapier Loom which is under construction has been added.

17th May 2021
     Details of more meetings added to the Meetings page.

24th April 2021
     Photos of a helicopter added to Ken McDonald's model page.

5th April 2021
     Additional models added to Ken McDonald's model page.

18th March 2021
     Two new models added to Brendan Harris's model page.

8th March 2021
     The list of Trophy Winners was updated.

6th March 2021
     Our member Ron Frith has now been given his own page for models in the members section.

January 2021
     The meetings pages has been updated for 2021 as far as possible at the moment.

4th December 2020
     Our members Brendan Harris and Keith Remnant have now been given their own pages in the members section.

28th November 2020
     Photos and videos of our 2020 Virtual Exhibition have been added.

April 2020
     More Lorry photos added to Dave Stanford's photo gallery.

March 2020
     Photos added for the 2020 exhibition at Inverurie

February 2020

  1. Photos added for the 2019 exhibitions at Greenock and Elgin
  2. New page added to Dave Stanford's models - User Operated Exhibits.

January 2020

  1. The 2020 Menstrie Challenge Rules are now on the website
  2. More 2020 exhibition dates have been added to the Meetings page
  3. 2019 prize winners added to the Trophys page.
  4. The December 2019 Newsletter has now been added to the Newsletter page.

December 2019

  1. 2020 meeting dates now on the Meetings page

September 2019

  1. Photos and report added from this year's exhibitions at Castle Fraser, Summerlee, Skegness and Scone. Also all Newsletters up to issue 110 (August 2019) are now available for download.

June 2019

  1. Photos and report added from this year's meeting and challenge at Menstrie

May 2019

  1. Photos added from this year's exhibition at Fort William. Also the Rules of this year's challenge at Menstrie
  2. 2019 meeting dates now on the Meetings page and 2018 prize winners added to the Trophys page.
  3. Newsletter issue 104 (September 2017) and 105 (December 2017) now available for download.

October 2018

  1. Photos added from this year's exhibitions at Scone Dundee and Greenock. Also the Report of this years challenge at Menstrie
  2. Newsletter issue 103 (April 2017) now available for download.

July 2018

  1. Photos added from this year's exhibitions at Strathpeffer, Kilmarnock, Lyne of Skene, Castle Fraser and Skegness and also from the Menstrie Meeting.
  2. Newsletter issue 102 (December 2016) now available for download.

April 2018

  1. Details of the 2018 Menstrie Challenge added.

December 2017

  1. Photos added from the 2017 Peterhead Exhibition.
  2. Photos added from the 2017 Elgin Exhibition.
  3. 2018 meeting dates now on the Meetings page.

November 2017

  1. Photos added from the 2017 NEMS Darlington Exhibition.

October 2017

  1. On the photo gallery pages there are 'previous' and 'next' icons to allow easy movement to the previous/next photo gallery.
  2. Random photos from the photo galleries are now being displayed on the Home and Meeting pages.
  3. Photographs of Ken McDonald's models added to the members section.
  4. Extra photographs added to Darlington 2016 photo gallery.
  5. Newsletter issue 101 (August 2016) now available for download.
  6. Photographs from the 2017 Dundee Model Railways and Hobbies Exhibition added.
  7. Photographs from our display at the 2017 Greenock Model Railway Exhibition added.
  8. Reports and photos for the 2012 and 2013 Menstrie Meeting / Challange have been added (extracted from the Newsletter). Also the report for the 2017 Menstrie Challange has been added to accompany the existing photos.

September 2017

  1. The website is now mobile phone friendly
  2. Optional higher resolution photos are now available for virtually all photos in the photo galleries.
  3. Additional photographs added to some of the photo galleries for the mid 2000s annual shows.
  4. Photographs from various exhibitions for 2016 and 2017 added.
  5. Photographs of Dave Stanford's models added to the members section.

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