The Meccano Society of Scotland

Sprint Vehicle

Menstrie Challenge 2010


The challenge this year is to build a vehicle powered by a Meccano Magic Motor.
The idea behind the challenge is to see whose model can sprint the fastest over a fixed distance


  1. The competition this year is to build a four wheeled vehicle to sprint in the fastest time between two lines 18ft apart on the Menstrie Scout Hall smooth wooden floor. Note that all four wheels must remain in contact with the ground.
  2. The only power is to be one Meccano Magic Motor. No gravity, elastic or other assistance is permitted.
  3. Only Meccano or Meccano compatible parts to be used.
  4. The entrants name must be prominently displayed and be visible from above (e.g. a sticky label). This is to assist commentators, scorers, and reporters writing up the event.
  5. Entrants may enter more than one vehicle.
  6. Practising between the floor lines will be permitted during the early course of the meeting but each sprint heat for real will be run only once, about noon.
  7. The race starts with vehicle noses on the first line and finish with the noses crossing the second line.
  8. At the start of each race the competitors will hold their vehicles stationary with the motor engaged until the starting gun goes off.
  9. Vehicles will have to run reasonably straight to avoid colliding with each other. There shall be no contact with vehicle after it has started. Vehicles deviating from the straight and hindering the progress of others will be disqualified.
  10. The competition will be run on the league system with competitors racing against each other in pairs.
  11. In the event of a dispute the Secretary will arbitrate.
  12. Proxy entrants welcome.