The Meccano Society of Scotland

Menstrie Meeting 2004

We again held our popular all day meeting at the Scout Hall, Menstrie (near Stirling) in May for model building, demonstrations and a general chat. We also held our annual special race/challenge. This year it was a "Falling Weight" challenge. See the Challenge Rules page for more details.

Menstrie Challenge - Report

The Falling Weight Model Challenge was held at Menstrie on 22 May 2004. The object was to see which entrant could travel furthest using a 1 pound weight, with a maximum height of 3 feet.

There were six entrants including a proxy entrant from America. It was an exciting competition. The first heat was made with a full height drop of the weight (3 feet). All entrants managed to traverse the full length of the hall (39' 4").

For the second heat a fall of 18" for the weight was allowed. Two entries were eliminated at this. The four which succeeded went on to the third heat where a weight fall of 12" was allowed. This eliminated a further two entries.

The final two entries then went head to head with only a 8" fall of the weight. Neither entry managed the full length of the hall. Chris Shute was then declared the winner, with a distance of 37' 4"



Driving Wheels

Idler Wheels



Best Performance

Alan Blair

Hub Disc

1" Pulley

Single strips

Large Flanged Wheels>Collar


Smallest & lightest

Alistair Nicoll

9½" Flanged Ring


Bush Wheel edges

Small Flanged Wheel>Coupling


Possibly heaviest

Rod Bessant

9½" Flanged Ring

6" Pulleys

Bush Wheel Bosses

Sleeve Piece>Coupling


27' 6"(12" drop)

David Lawrence

7½" circ. strip


Bush Wheel Edges

Worm>Sleeve Piece>Collars


32' 6" (12" drop)

Tim Edwards

7½" circ. strip

7½" circ. strip

Elektrikit Needle bearings

Sleeve Piece in Small Flanged Wheels. Cord detachable


28' 4" (8" drop)

Chris Shute

7½" circ. strip

7½" circ. strip

Faceplate edges

Plastic Rod Connector>bare axle rod


37' 4" (8" drop)

Pictures from Menstrie 2004

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